"Heaven Sent Skin" by Haelo Skin

Founded by Carlita Nair in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic in hopes to bring the most innovative skin care technology during the lockdown. 
How It Started

As a serial entrepreneur, former model and creative it has always been pushed on me to put my best face forward. Unfortunately my skin does not always agree. Due to an auto-immune disorder I suffer with acne, hyperpigmentation psoriasis, eczema, and the list goes on. Topical products sometimes only go so far, and matched with a clean diet I still don't always have "angel skin" or angel genes for that matter! in 2019 I spent literally half my year, and thousands of dollars, at doctors and med spas trying to relieve my symptoms. In hindsight it was absolutely unsustainable. During the pandemic it was especially unsustainable as everything was closed. This is where my journey began by self teach and trial and error of products on myself and my family. Thus we began and here I am a forever student to business and what i'm passionate about.

I needed a solution and so I created one.


Your Skin and your confidence in your skin is our main pillar. Secondly it is Haelo's goal to bring devices that relive acne, prevent visible aging, scaring, and the plethora of skin problems. Our objective is to introduce the most innovative technology, while providing excellent service and expert skin advice to the masses. 

Our last pillar is our message, Heaven Sent Skin. You're an angel with blessed skin, no matter what society says. Haelo is here to bring out your inner angel, radiating confident, glowing skin. 







We would love to hear your feedback, for questions, concerns, or products you want to see us carry please contact us below or at info@haeloskin.com