Welcome Home, Skincare Junkies

Welcome all skin junkies, skin gurus, product addicts, and makeup lovers! Welcome all girls who are not trying to go to the spa weekly or biweekly just to maintain beautiful skin. My name is Carlita and I am the owner of 24K Gold Beauty which I have rebranded to Haelo Skin.

If you follow me on instagram  you know how diligent I am with my spa visits. I suffer with eczema, psoriases, acne, and now I'm almost 25 so I'm also trying to prevent aging. Ive done it all from botox, fillers, lasers, peels and I wanted to find a company that could aid me in not spending thousands of dollars at med spas a month. I got created this online hub as for all the girls like me or anyone who is just looking to maintain their perfectly beautiful natural skin (although I am jealous if this is you). 

Currently I am expanding the Haleo Skin brand that saw 5 figure sales last year without any social media, and I am in the midsts of the Covid-19 pandemic. You know what that means right? No botox, fillers, lasers, and peels, Im crying are you? Just another reason I am introducing to you 24K Gold Beauty. My goal is to be constantly on the search for the best in spa like products and skin care. Wish me luck & wishing you happy binge shopping during this time. 

Love & Light,

Carlita Nair



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