A Guide to Body Acne

How to Beat Body Acne

Firstly if your here that means you or someone you know is fighting the (what feels like) forever battle of acne. You're not alone i'm there with you. Through my personal experience I've found some full-proof tips on prevention and treatment. Firstly some general tips that I am sure you're aware of, but maybe not. Keep reading below for acne by the body part.

Basic Acne Must Knows:

Firstly let's determine your acne, is it hormonal, bacterial or do you have multiple other skin conditions that could be related to an autoimmune or other skin disorder. Hormonal acne is typically deep under the skin it can be painful and probably the hardest to control. Bacterial acne comes and goes and is caused by impurities and germs entering through the skin in which your skin treats as an invader. In comes the white blood cells to attack and then a pimple is born. The  types of acne must be treated very differently from each other as they respond differently to topical treatment, and may require a doctor's prescription. If your having rashes and pimples of your body it is also best to consult a doctor as you may be fighting an infection on the inside. 

Other than topical skincare, LED therapy is very much trusted by dermatologists, and is an incredible aid alone or with topicals. Haelo Skin has an amazing silicon pore brush with blue light therapy for face + body. Blue light is the best treatment for med spa like results. 

Now that that's out of the way let talk about where body acne comes from and how we can prevent it.

1. Be Hygienic! Dirty clothes, sheets, pillows, towels must go. Don't forget to shower often - Always wear clean clothes and sheets if you're acne prone

2. Ingrown or incoming hair - bacteria can get trapped in your hair follicle after shaving. Laser is best for zapping the hair follicle and ensuring you never get a hair related blemish or pimple again. Show our pain free Cold IPL here.

3. Avoid sugar, dairy, allergens and take care of your gut health. Your gut is your second brain, treat it as so for optimal skin, probiotics and a multi-vitamin (with lots of vitamin A, C, B, and herbs). Hormones are also regulated here and by your liver. If you suffer from mild hormonal acne a liver cleanse may benefit you in combo with probiotics, omegas and multi-vitamin.

4. Stop stressing and get your rest - need i say more?

5. Opt for chemical exfoliators rather that scrubs. AHA (salicylic acid), BHA (glycolic), retinoids and lactic acid increase cellular turnover, therefore skin healing and clearing process. Scrubs can actually micro damage the skin, and as you get older this gets harder and harder to replicate its on cells. Acids also are proven to permanently dissolve blackheads, brighten and soften the skin over time. 

6. Ditch skincare that contains fragrance, and harsh chemicals that cause acne 

7. Stay positive and stick to a good routine. Acne is normal don't be ashamed.

Arm Acne: 

If there are tiny red and or white dots on the arm, that can be due to keratosis pilaris and not acne. Keratosis pilaris is a genetic condition caused by the buildup of protein, keratin, that clogs hair follicles. Dry skin is more prone to keratosis pilaris. Start by setting the Skin Rejuvenation Wand to Pink Flashing Light and moving it around on the arm, then to blue. The Pink Flashing Light setting helps enhance the absorption of skincare products. Then apply a moisturizer rich in AHA/BHA a few times a week to help unplug follicles. This will also keep the skin hydrated. Additional exfoliation is also be helpful, our exfoliating wand with LED is a budget friendly option for this. 

Back Acne (Backne): 

Back acne can be caused by an increase in oil production and bacteria. Sometimes even by hair conditioner, if it is not appropriately rinsed, it can leave behind residue that can clog pores. Start by using the Blue Light setting on the Skin Rejuvenation Wand  to help soothe tension and acne, suitable for oily skin. Then apply a mist that contains two percent salicylic acid to clean dry skin. To help prevent future breakouts, it is best to use a handled body brush in the shower after conditioning the hair, don't worry ours is waterproof. Also an AHA spray for acne is especially good for hard to reach places.

Boob Acne: 

Did you know that sports bras, bikini tops, and push-up bras trap sweat oil and dirt? This can lead to bacteria or to folliculitis, which may look like traditional acne caused by oil. However, in most cases, it is usually caused by infected hair follicles. breast acne could be a concern for underlining hormonal conditions as well, if yours it painful you should consult a doctor. Start by using the Red Light setting on the Skin Rejuvenation Wand  to accelerate blood stimulation and skin cell activity, and to calm inflammation. Then wash with a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or see a derm for a prescription for something more substantial. It is best to wear new bras and loose-fitting tops. To help prevent acne in the future, use oil-free cleansing wipes on days where you were more active than others. 

Butt Acne (Buttne): 

Like what happens around the breast, the breakouts around the butt are folliculitis from sweaty workouts. Skinny jeans, or sitting at a desk for long hours. Once again, use the Blue Light setting on the Skin Rejuvenation Wand  to help soothe tension and acne, suitable for oily skin. Then apply benzoyl peroxide at night and sleep in bikini style cotton undies. Cotton undies help reduce the friction between the skin and clothing. Switch between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans to help prevent butt acne, and we cant say this enough exfoliate the butt! If you get dark marks follow up with the orange light, and soothing body creams.

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