Essential Skincare Regimen Products

First things first, figure out your skin type. Understanding what kind of skin you have is the key to figuring which variety of products you should use in your routine. Keep in mind as seasons change, your skin might too, so best to adapt as the temperatures rise and fall. Also, keep in mind what you were using when you were in your teens might not be ideal in your late twenties. Overall, switch your products to fit with your skin type, season, and age!
Below is a description of what kind of products you should be using and how they should feel on your skin:
Cleanser: The first step to the skincare regimen is using the right cleanser. The cleaner shouldn't make the skin feel tight, dry, or stripped after using it. It best to use a cleanser to remove any dirt or muck that might clog the pores, so also consider washing your face after a workout.
Moisturizer: As the seasons' change, consider switching moisturizers to best suit the environment and your skin. If the moisturizer makes the skin feel tight/dry, or greasy after using it, it might not be the right moisturizer.
Acne products: This is dependent upon the individual and their skin. It can sometimes take a few days to a whole week for a typical breakout to go away. Consider meeting with a dermatologist if the severity of the acne is high and use products that are medical grade.
Anti-ageing products: If you are a teenager, anti-ageing products might not add to the routine just yet. Dependent upon age and the area of concern, get products to help prevent signs of ageing around that age, such as eye wrinkle cream.
When apply products on to the skin to help penetrate them use the Haelo Skin Sonic Jade Roller. Face rollers help sculpt the features by way of encouraging drainage and toning slackening muscles, which feeds our collective compulsion to contour. And, well, we’d rather carve our cheekbones without make-up, if we can.
Sunscreen: Use products with at least 7% zinc oxide and an SPF 30 or higher with UVB and UVA protection everyday. Apply sunscreen to exposed skin every two hours when you are outside. Sun damage can result in such changes as fine wrinkles and an uneven skin tone. Also, dermatologists say that wearing SPF is the best anti-again skin step. Rain or shine, apply SPF!

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