Bad Bacteria Vs Good Bacteria

Sonic Brush
There are millions and billions of bacteria on your face and body. Some of these bacteria are bad, well others are good. Research indicates that an imbalance of bacteria can lead to eczema, acne, and rosacea. 
There is so much to worry about when it comes to making sure the skin is clean from radiation, pollution, and nasty bacteria that’s on the pillowcase. Bad bacteria can be harmful and lead to clogged pores and blackheads. The good bacteria contribute to our ecosystem, called the skin microbiome, which results in a happy and healthy complexion. But the obsession with being squeaky clean can reduce or increase the number of good bacteria and therefore wreck the skin’s barrier. Having a variety of bacteria is crucial. 
Washing the face with solid cleansing agents like sulphate can create bacteria imbalance, and it is best to look for options with soap-free or milk products. To still have the same effect without using harsh products, opt into using the Haleo Sonic LED Face Brush when washing your face. The vibrating Sonic brush provides a deep clean in comparison to hand washing and exfoliator combined. It deep cleans their makeup, dirt and oil without getting rid of the good bacteria. The result is smoother, brighter, clear skin and healthier skin. It is made of soft Silicon bristle brushes that are gentle and non-toxic. The LED therapy light power also stimulates collagen, lightens hyperpigmentation, and prevents acne.
LED Face+Body Brush

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